Insulation bricks also known as soft fire bricks,they are lightweight,featured with low thermal conductivity,low unpurity content,and can withstand high temperatures.Insulation bricks are widely used as backup insulation lining or refractory lining in thermal boilers,ceramic kilns,blast furnace,glass furnace or related industrial furnace as heat side lining materials.

Usually the soft fire bricks are used combined with refractory hard bricks.

We supply insulating fire bricks and light weight clay bricks with various shapes

Mullite insulating fire brick also known as IFB,it is white and porous.It have different grade and temperatures.

Fireclay insulation brick is red color and lightweight.Its fire temperature is lower than mullite insulating fire brick,but it costs also cheaper. Its firing temperature up to 1900℉.Density from 0.6-1.3g/cm3.

Insulation brick

Mullite insulating fire brick

Fire clay insulation brick




Insulating Fire Bricks

Insulating Fire Brick

Fengyuan Refractories supplies Insulating Fire Brick,also known as Light Weight Fire Brick,IFB ranging from 1300°C to 1600°C. Contact us for a Quote.

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Insulating Fire Bricks

Fireclay Insulation Brick

Fireclay insulation brick is red and light weight with temperature ratings 900C to 1200C.It be used as inner lining of industry kilns and furnace.

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