Refractory materials including fire bricks,high alumina bricks,magnesite brick and insulation ceramic fiber,calcium silicate insulation are working as refractory lining or safety lining in industrial boiler,furnace,oven.These refractories are used in various industry,such as iron and steel,foundries,non-ferrous metals ,lime and cement,glass,environment energy,power generation,etc. It is the basic material to ensure the production,working and improvement of efficiency of the above mentioned area.

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How to select refractories for different areas should according to the application,and considering the property of the refractory material,such as working temperature,thermal conductivity,and cold crushing strength etc.In this article,we’ll take a look at the application industries of refractory brick & insulation materials and selection principles of them.

  • Iron and steel industry

  • Ceramic and lime 

  • Nonferrous metal 

  • Glass

  • Power generation

  • Foundries