Ceramic Fiber Module Installation Procedure


Ceramic fiber module as refractory lining,are widely used in various insulation equipment.Let's see the installation steps for ceramic fiber module.

Welding bolts

The bolts are welded to the furnace wall plate according to the welding requirements. During welding, protective measures should be taken for the threaded parts of the bolts, and avoid the welding slag splashing on the bolts, and the ensure the welding quality.


Install back lining ceramic fiber blanket

Install one layer of fiber blanket, then spread the second layer of fiber blanket. For the convenience of construction,using quick cards to fix when install roof.


Ceramic fiber module installation preparations, fix guide rod

Tighten the guide rod


Align the center hole and push

Align the central hole of the module with the guide tube on the furnace wall, push the module evenly and forcefully, so that the module is close to the furnace wall.Then use a special socket wrench to send the nut along the guide rod to the bolt and tighten the nuts.

ceramic fiber block installation

Ceramic fiber module installation finished

refractory module installation

Take out the plastic tube

ceramic fiber module installation guide

Take out the fixed plate

fiber block installation

Fix the compensation blanket with U-shaped nail

In order to avoid gaps between different rows of modules due to fiber shrinkage after high temperature, compensation blankets of the same temperature level must be placed in the two rows of modules to compensate for the shrinkage of the modules.

Surface Coating

After the whole lining is finished,spraying the rigidizer on the surface.

refractory module lining


  1.  The welding position of the anchor should be accurate and the error are strictly controlled.

  2. The ceramic fiber backing blanket should be installed first, and then install the ceramic fiber module.

  3. The furnace top should be installed ceramic fiber module first, and then for the furnace wall.

  4. The ceramic fiber module should be installed from the bottom to top when install for furnace wall.

  5. The ceramic fiber modules are mostly arranged in the same direction "side-by-side". After installing a row of modules, the compensation blanket should be compressed and laid according to the requirements.

  6. Lining blankets are used between the roof and the wall joints, and also the joints of the wall and wall.

  7. After the center hole of the pre-embedded anchor in the ceramic fiber module penetrates into the stud welded on the furnace wall plate, fix it with a nut.Or install on the expansion clip on the furnace wall panel. The anchors have a variety of types in ceramic fiber module according to the structure The studs and expansion cards for fixing the ceramic fiber module are divided into manual welding type and specific welding torch type according to the welding method on the furnace wall, which requires the attention of the installer.