Firebricks for Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Pizza oven is a kind of barbecue oven for making pizza.Pizza oven have traditional,electric and gas type.Refractory materials including fire bricks,refractory mortar for pizza oven is a kind of masonry material used in traditional pizza oven building.Wood fired pizza oven is still favourite in today’s life.It is great for making pizzas,pies,fish,seafood and breads etc.

Pizza Oven Building Materials

-Refractory materials used in pizza oven including refractory brick, refractory mortar,insulating fire bricks and ceramic fiber blanket.

Refractory bricks are mainly fire clay bricks or high alumina bricks.According to the drawing of the pizza oven,chose the suitable refractory brick shape,then could build a beautiful and practical pizza oven.Also insulation materials could be used outside of pizza oven,to ensure the insulation performance during using.

Refractory mortar is used for fire brick joints when building.Thickness of joints better not exceed 1/8"thickness,in order to assure the joints performance.

Ceramic fiber blanket or light weight insulating castable could be used as outer insulation layer of dome and roof.It is important for the oven dome and hearth to prevent heat loss.After installing,the ceramic fiber blanket need to be fixed with wire and coated with concrete. If use insulating castable as insulation layer,it also need extra waterproof sealed layer.

Why are fire bricks used for pizza oven?

Fire bricks are durable and have good performance at heat storage,it is important for pizza oven.Besides,the fire bricks are easy to clean by wiped or water.Additionally,fire bricks have various shapes and size,which could help you build the perfect pizza oven.

So refractory firebricks are highly recommended to use in pizza oven.

Which grade of fire bricks are used for pizza oven ?

Refractory bricks have various grade,the most commonly used are following two grade.

Data Sheet




Apparent Porosity(%)



Bulk Density(g/cm3)



Cold Crushing Strength(Mpa)



Thermal Linear Expansion(%)at 1000C



Permanent Linear Change(%) at 1400Cx2hrs



Refractoriness under load(C) at 0.2 Mpa










Fire bricks for pizza oven have various shapes and sizes.The shape and size is important and this is according to the pizza oven you are building.

The shape of fire bricks including:

  1. Straight brick,refractory tiles

  2. Splits brick

  3. Arch brick

  4. Wedge brick

  5. Slabs

The type of fire brick for pizza oven should according to the specific needs.For example,if you plan to build and home use pizza oven,you may want to consider buying fire bricks,which is easy to clean and install.

Tips for building pizza oven

If you want to building an pizza oven,we have some tips to help you.

  1. Plan ahead if your furnace needs a door.Some ovens need especially larger ovens,and some ovens don’t need

  2. Pay attention to the glaze on fire bricks,to avoid health conditions

  3. Make sure the dome height is correct,it could not be too high or too low,if too high or too low,it is not good for heat storage

  4. Use an appropriate mortar for fire bricks when bonding

  5. Make sure all the fire bricks are match with each other before installing